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A Student Visa is issued by the Consulate upon receipt of authority from the Department of Foreign Affairs.) The student applicant must apply for admission directly to the admitting school. The admitting school refers the application to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) for approval.  If the application is approved, CHED will transmit its approval to the Secretary of Foreign Affairs who in turn sends the authority to this Consulate. Refer to information provided by the CHED(

Unless specified otherwise, submit original and two photocopies each of the required documents:

  • Personal appearance at the Consulate
  • Duly accomplished application forms
  • Valid passport
  • Four recent passport photographs
  • Original and copy of Medical Certificate (FA Form No. 11) accomplished by a General Practitioner. The medical certificate must also include the x-ray film, laboratory reports, etc. The medical examination report is valid only if submitted to the quarantine officer at the port of entry in the Philippines together with the visa application, within six (6) months from the date the examination was conducted.
  • Police Clearance based on fingerprint check issued by the Australian Federal Police;
  • Original copy of the School’s Notice of Acceptance (NOA) containing a clear impression of the school’s dry seal, addressed to the student;
  • Original copy of the Certificate of Eligibility for Admission (CEA) issued by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED), if enrolled in courses or program where restrictions may exist due to shortage of facilities, as in medicine or dentistry; and
  • A non-refundable visa fee to be paid either in cash or postal money order payable to the “Philippine Consulate General in Sydney”. Refer to Schedule of Fees.