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The visa application requires the personal appearance of visa applicant.

In cases where distance makes it difficult for the applicant to travel to the Consulate, the visa application may be lodged by mail. In such cases, the accomplished visa application form and passport photograph must be noted by a Justice of the Peace, the visa fee payment must be in the form of a postal money order, and a self-address Registered Post envelope must be provided by the sender.

The requirements for the visa application are the following:

1. Passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond applicant's intended date of departure from the Philippines
2. Duly accomplished Visa Application Form signed by the applicant.
3. One (1) passport-size photograph of the applicant;
4. Curriculum vitae of newsmen/journalists;
5. Shortlist of work credits;
6. Copy of one (1) sample article written by the applicant;
7. Background of media organization, including target market/audience, circulation, format; and
8. Administrative arrangements for the work in the Philippines, as follows:

  • List of the reportorial team’s members and their corresponding nationalities and passport details;
  • Planned itinerary and activities, with storyline for any films to be made;
  • List of equipment to be brought by each team member, with certification from the media organization that said equipment will be re-exported at the end of the trip to the Philippines;
  • Flight details (arrival and departure); and
  • A non-refundable visa fee to be paid either in cash or postal money order payable to the “Philippine Consulate General in Sydney”. Refer to Consular Fees.

Upon arrival in the Philippines, the newsmen/journalists will have to report to the IPC for accreditation.