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Filipino-born Australians who re-acquired their Philippine citizenship as dual citizens have the right to have a Philippine Passport. The requirements for passport application are the following:

      • Personal appearance at the Philippine Consulate.
      • Duly accomplished Passport Application Form
      • Original and photocopies of Dual Citizenship Order of Approval, Dual Citizenship Identification Certificate and Oath of Allegiance 
      • Last Philippine passport and photocopy of the passport information page
      • If the last Philippine passport was lost or does not contain the applicant's full middle name, NSO-registered Birth Certificate.  Note: NSO-issued Philippine birth certificates may be ordered online through the NSO website (fees apply)
      • For married applicants, a copy of the Philippine Marriage Certificate (if married in the Philippines) or Report of Marriage (if married outside of the Philippines) issued by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the country where the marriage was contracted. This document is required even if the applicant is not using the husband’s married name.
      • A non-refundable passport fee. The fee is paid either in cash or postal money order payable to the “Philippine Consulate General”. Refer to the Consular Fees.
      • The Consulate may require other documents to validate necessary details if there are inconsistencies in the applicant’s documents.

Please refer to Guidelines for Photo Capture for the ePassport.